Athletic Wall of Fame


    1. The organization shall be known as Altmar-Parish-Williamstown Central School Athletic Wall of Fame. Established in 2012.

    2. The purpose is to recognize, honor and celebrate accomplishments from former outstanding coaches, administrators, athletes, teams, and rebel supporters.

    3. To preserve, strengthen and add distinction to the athletic program at APW.

    4. Exhibit to the students and the community the accomplishments of graduates who have distinguished themselves as leaders/role models, and to display the appreciation for the history of APW athletics.


    1. Athletic Wall of Fame Weekend will recognize graduates at the end of the year sports banquet in June.

    2. Promote and encourage individuals to nominate former graduates based on the wall of fame criteria.

    3. Highlight the accomplishments of the inductees by displaying those people in the local news paper and school web site.

    4. The Altmar-Parish-Williamstown Central School Athletic Wall of Fame will conduct an induction ceremony to present awards to those elected.

    5. To honor and recognize each inductee. The Altmar-Parish-Williamstown Central School Athletic Wall of Fame shall present a plaque that will be displayed in a prominent location in the APW Junior Senior High School.

    HALL OF FAME COMMITTEE:  The Hall of Fame shall be governed by the Athletic Task Force Committee

    MISSION:  The ATHLETIC TASK FORCE COMMITTEE will assist in promoting overall goals of the interscholastic athletic program. The task force is designed to advise and oversee the philosophy and procedures related to the overall athletic program. The committee will act as the selection committee for the Altmar-Parish-Williamstown Athletic Wall of Fame. The Athletic Director will serve as a facilitator for the committee.

    Selection Procedure

    • Nominations shall be solicited from the community Limited one nomination per person.
    • Nominations must be submitted on the proper form and turned in by the proper deadline.
    • The Committee will then select entrants based on the selection criteria.
    • There will be no more than 5 selected in a given year.
    • Election will take place by the committee.
    • The date, time and place of induction will be determined by the Committee.
    • Categories of Nomination
    • Athlete – An athlete must have graduated from APW 5 years prior to nomination.
    • Coach – A coach must of have ten years of service. The service is not limited to one sport. Must be retired from coaching.
    • Community Supporter – A supporter must have a minimum of 5 years of involvement in the APW athletic program.
    • Athletic Team – Outstanding record or championship 5 years prior to nomination
    • Qualification of Nominees

    1. Athlete

    • Graduated
    • Positive impact to the team(s) in which he/she played
    • Honors and awards
    • Athletic Scholarship
    • Leadership qualities and character-sportsmanship/citizenship
    • School record holder
    • Distinctive or unique accomplishments
    • Athlete’s success or prominence in life. Including his or her professional career.

    2. Coach

    • League Championships
    • Sectional – State Championships
    • Coach of the year honors
    • Career winning percentage
    • Athletic success of individuals coached
    • Years of service
    • Community Supporter
    • Involvement / Impact on the athletic program
    • Does not need to be a graduate
    • Offer services to teams/athletes
    • Athletic Teams
    • Sectional or state recognition for a given season
    • Special accomplishments in given season
    • Undefeated season

Wall of Fame Nomination Form