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  • Jackie Wiggins, APW Senior

    APW JSHS is proud to recognize our “Aspiring Artists,” where each month we feature an exceptional young artist within our school. This March, we have the pleasure of featuring senior Jackie Wiggins.

    As Jackie Wiggins talked to our interviewer, she was hard at work, bent over a pottery wheel. Through the course of the brief interview, she skillfully turned an awkward lump of wet clay into an impressive and delicate bowl.

    “You can use almost every part of the clay.” She said when asked what she liked about ceramics. “It all gets recycled so it’s not wasteful. And you can make a bunch of stuff.”

    Jackie is new to ceramics, only having practiced the medium for the last year or so. Her greatest motivation and source of inspiration is undoubtedly her sister, Jessica Wiggins. Jessica – also an APW alumna – is currently at SUNY Oswego majoring in art. The pottery wheel that Jackie began on is her sister’s and using it gives Jackie a joyful connection with her older sibling.

    “[Jessica made] a lot of ceramics in high school, and I loved when she brought stuff home to me,” Jackie said while still shaping her own piece. “Now I can repay the favor.”

    Jackie most enjoys making items like bowls because of their utility and practicality. She’s made a number for her family and a recent piece was given to her boyfriend. “He’s been using it every day for ramen.”

    Her talents go far beyond the pottery wheel, though. One of her most impressive pieces is a functioning fountain, complete with water pump. When turned on, water beautifully cascades down three levels before collecting in a basin and returning to the top. Other items – like a delicate tea pot --  are proudly showcased in a display cabinet at APW JSHS.

    As a ceramicist, Jackie will undoubtedly participate in this year’s Feats of Clay event, which will be her first time in attendance.

    “I’m excited. I hope everybody goes easy on me. They’ve talked about me doing the blindfold event because I have a good sense of where things are.” The blindfold event asks participants to throw clay on the pottery wheel to create a piece. Without perfect centering, a wheel-thrown piece can easily go off-balance. “If it’s not centered, your whole thing is going down.”

    When asked what her interests were outside of ceramics, Jackie laughed.

    “I pick up and drop hobbies constantly,” she said, beginning to list everything from crocheting and knitting to skateboarding, dirt biking, and guitar. “Sometimes I’ll paint, too. And every once in a while I like to sketch.”

    While next year’s plans are still solidifying, Jackie looks forward to attending college. “But I don’t really see myself going for art,” she notes. “It’s more of a hobby for me.”

  • Aspiring Artists - Jackie Wiggins

    March 2023

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