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Alumni Spotlight: Megan Phillips

A little “chemistry” with the health care field helps make Altmar-Parish-Williamstown alumna, Megan Phillips, feel right at home in the pharmaceutical business.

Graduating with a Doctorate in Pharmacy from Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences in 2018, Phillips said it was her love of chemistry in 10th grade that put her on the right track.

“I always found it very interesting that small changes in a chemical structure can drastically change how the medication can affect the body,” Phillips said.

During her time in college she compiled an impressive resume that included her being selected for an Experiential Education Award, only given to a handful of interns who showed excellence in the clinical setting. While Phillips was successful as an individual, she said it was the bonding and team atmosphere she remembers most about her time at Altmar-Parish-Williamstown.

“I loved just being involved and being part of a team,” she said. Although I was successful as an individual, all the Athlete of the Year awards, MVP awards, etc., aren’t as memorable as the memories made as a part of a team. Those bonds last beyond the season or the school year.”

Phillips said she knew she wanted that teamwork dynamic in her workplace, saying she wanted a career where she could interact with other healthcare professionals, as well as patients, to help create a medication regimen that is best for the patient. This is something she has found in her position as a pharmacist at Kinney Drug in Pulaski.

As much as Phillips said she enjoys being part of the Kinney Drug team, she noted the values of being able to provide customers with individualized attention. That kind of personalized service is something she enjoyed most about her time at APW.

 “Since APW is a small district, you aren’t just a number.”

Now with a pharmaceutical career in front of her, Phillips wanted to give some advice to the younger generation coming up through the ranks in the district.

“Everyone is different, so weigh your options,” said Phillips. “Find what path is right for you and use the opportunities that are presented to you, as well as those you create yourself, to achieve your goals.”