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Alumni Spotlight: Taylor Adams Class of 2017

It was much more than education that Altmar-Parish-Williamstown alumna Taylor Adams learned while growing up through the school district.

“Not only did I learn educational related things, but I learned how to be kind,” said Adams. “We came from such a small community that we would always come together when someone in our community needed it.”

The 2017 graduate, who now works for AXA Equitable, said she’s proud to be from the APW Central School District.

“I met so many amazing people at APW and Happy Valley just feels like it’s our “roots” of where we come from.”

After trying her hand in the medical field, Adams was given the opportunity at AXA and never looked back. She said she loves helping people with their retirement.

Adams currently lives on Sandy Pond with her boyfriend and one-year old daughter. The Cayuga Community College student said she always wanted to help people, something she learned while in the APW school system. She said she wants to pass that lesson on to students coming up through the school district.

“Always remember where you came from, but don’t be scared to fly,” said Adams. “Be kind to others, work hard, and never give up no matter how hard life may get.”