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Employee Profile: District Registrar

Working in her first year at the Altmar-Parish-Williamstown Central School District, Sue Thorp has been enjoying her time as the District Registrar.

Thorp said the biggest part of her job is going through paperwork so students can enroll at APW.

“I make sure that we have all the New York State paperwork, so that we are compliant,” said Thorp. “I enter the student into the school program, that way the elementary or high school know the child is a student of APW.”

While going through enrollment paperwork is her key function as Registrar, she said helping Assistant Superintendent Dr. Naomi Ryfun is a close second when it comes to important duties.

“Naomi has a lot going on, so I help her out as much as she needs me to,” said Thorp. “I’m like the main keeper of information, I have to make sure everything she receives is correct.”

Thorp’s background is in real estate, she was working in leasing and accounting before joining the APW Central School District. She said her new role is a change of pace but said it’s the best job she’s ever had.

“I’m the person who reaches out to parents to tell them we need their child’s immunization records, said Thorp. “I’m kind of like the liaison between parents and the school. I love it though, I’ve really enjoyed my time here.”