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Alumni Spotlight: Brooke Radley Class of 2009

A love of psychology and the drive to help others sculpted the career path of Altmar-Parish-Williamstown alumna Brooke Radley.

After graduating in 2009, Radley attended Tompkins Cortland Community College where she attained her associate degree before transferring to SUNY Oswego and graduating with her bachelor’s degree in psychology.

Radley put her academic degrees to use at a residential facility for troubled youth, first as a counselor, then as a family therapist, and after four years, as a program director.

During her working years, Radley continued her education, pursuing a master’s degree in clinical psychology, which provided her with the opportunity to participate in substance abuse counseling. That experience helped her discover that her true passion was helping those struggling with substance abuse.

She now works at Crouse Hospital’s Opioid Treatment Program as a chemical dependency therapist, providing counseling to adults who have an opioid use disorder.

“APW prepared me for my future because this is where I learned the fundamentals of not only education, but having a sense of community,” said Radley. “I had many teachers that saw my potential and helped me reach it, whether that was in the classroom or a sport I was playing.”

Radley, who is pursuing a second master’s degree in social work, wants the students coming up through APW’s school district to continue to have an open mind.

“Through my work as a therapist in a family setting and substance abuse setting, some of the onset of people’s issues, or the worsening of issues, can be a result of people in their lives not accepting or understanding them,” said Radley. “To accept those who are different than ourselves is a gift of immense value.”