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Alumni Spotlight: Cassie Cooper Class of 2016

The human body, especially bones, was the catalyst for this Altmar-Parish-Williamstown alumna’s career choice.

Cassie Cooper, who graduated from APW in 2016, became fascinated with bones back in eighth grade when Mrs. Trexler talked about skeletal system. From there, she began taking different anatomy and physiology courses.

Cooper is currently studying health and exercise at Syracuse University, while minoring in physical education.

“I have my career set on being an athletic trainer or an orthopedic assistant,” said Cooper. “They both involve the human body and I will be helping others, so they both fit what I want really well.”

Cooper said the best coach she ever had was Mr. Hogan, who she credited for her wanting to become a coach herself.

“Mr. Hogan has a great personality that is positive, relaxed and optimistic,” said Cooper. “He taught me that having a soft tone can get through to a person more than yelling at them and that a numerical win is not the only thing that matters. Instead, it is those little wins people achieve by their improvements.”

Cooper said the American sign language class taught by Mrs. Dunham at APW taught her how to prepare for college. She said it balanced the studying needed to succeed along with having fun both during and after assignments.

“It was my favorite class I took at APW,” said Cooper.

As she reflected on her time at APW, Cooper also considered the advice she would give to current students.

“Get out of your comfort zone by saying yes to more things and living in the moment,” she said.