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Alumni Spotlight: Kelsie Wilson Class of 2014

It was a love of food that propelled this Altmar-Parish-Williamstown alumna into the dietetics and nutrition field.

Kelsie Wilson, who graduated from APW in 2014, is enrolled at Syracuse University where she’s studying to become a registered dietitian.

“I chose my career based on my love of food mixed with my personal experiences in life,” said Wilson. “My senior year of high school, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and she had to see a registered dietitian who helped improve her mood and health during the process. That is what really influenced me to pursue my career in dietetics.”

Wilson said all the APW staff members were influential to her in one way or another, but it was Mrs. House who made the most impact.

“She always helped me reach my goals by offering words of encouragement during my times of doubt,” said Wilson. “She encouraged me to join the drama club, where I started most of my amazing friendships and had some of my favorite memories.”

After graduation this year, Wilson will be heading to Napa, Calif., where she is enrolled at the Culinary Institute of America. She said it’s just another dream come true for her and wants to use her experiences as an example for APW students trying to follow their dreams.

“Always remember there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and these are the steps you need to take to reach your goal,” Wilson said. “Never forget that you are not alone; rely on your friends, family, professors, coworkers and any other resources you may have.”