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Board Candidate John Britton

Each individual running for the two spots on the Board of Education were given these questions to answer. Below are the answers to each of these questions.


  1. How do you define leadership and how to you support good leadership throughout the school from Superintendent, to building administration, and throughout the faculty, staff, and even young people within the district?  First and foremost, I define good leadership as starting with accessibility.  A person can be a great leader, but if they are perceived or are actually inaccessible to those looking to them, their leadership is ineffective.  My plan is to be accessible as much as possible to support faculty, staff, and students in the school district.  I have always followed up on accessibility with positive resolution of problems, and using communication to follow up on anything that is brought to me, have had success in developing positive business and professional relationships as a result. 


  1. There are many needs to address in supporting a young learner; from food stability to emotional regulation to special education accommodations to enrichment opportunities and beyond. How will you facilitate support and guidance for ALL learners at APW?  I believe in the positive and enriching programs that are available to students at APW, as my own children have participated in them and benefited.  I have seen the impact of professional special education teachers on students in helping them to achieve great things.  My goal would be to support and improve these programs in any small way possible through communication with faculty, staff, and students, and critical thinking when decisions need to be made about those programs.   


  1. Communication Is important to help to include and involve the entire district and community as well as to promote transparency. Communication has historically been a focus that continues to be in question and ongoing communication needs perpetually exist. How do you promote communication and how do you define appropriate and effective communication? In my professional and business career, I have utilized “over-communication” to ensure members of my team are all on the same page, and that expectations are not only communicated, but reached.  I have found that the basic building block of success in teamwork begins with all members being aware of a common goal, and then inspired and motivated to reach that goal.  My hope is that this skill and experience would apply to the APW School Board as well.


  1. What knowledge and background do you bring that would help our district grow and move into the next generation of learning?  Having worked in the retail home improvement sector for the last 20 years, I have extensive experience with team supervision, inventory management, financial report analysis, investigations, and other skills I use daily.  Additionally, I am the father of six children, and one adult step child, so I am aware of the struggles families face with the challenges of educating their children.


  1. Why do you believe you are the best candidate for the position? As a father in the school district, I have a personal stake in seeing to it that the school district remains a great place to send my children.  I believe my personal and professional experience will help me to bring skills to the Board that would help to achieve the district goals.  


  1. What is your philosophy on education?  I believe that education is a valuable tool to help our young people get started out on the right foot.  My opinion is that each child is created unique and is able to contribute to our community in their own way.  For some, that will culminate in the highest of educational goals, while others will focus on other pursuits.  Regardless of their end result, each student must be given the opportunity to succeed in their formative years.