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Board Candidate Mark Mattison

Each individual running for the two spots on the Board of Education were given these questions to answer. Below are the answers to each of these questions.


  1. How do you define leadership and how to you support good leadership throughout the school from Superintendent, to building administration, and throughout the faculty, staff, and even young people within the district?  I would define leadership as the ability to move everyone in the same direction to accomplish the goals and vision of the district.  I would support good leadership by listening to all stakeholders throughout the district and then working with the whole board and the superintendent to create district goals.  Our decisions as a board should then be made based on these district goals, mission, and vision.


  1. There are many needs to address in supporting a young learner; from food stability to emotional regulation to special education accommodations to enrichment opportunities and beyond. How will you facilitate support and guidance for ALL learners at APW?  APW has worked extremely hard to provide services to students to address the many needs that our students require before we can even begin to provide academics.  We are a place of learning and we must continue to teach our students all of this in order to prepare these kids for the ever changing world.


  1. Communication Is important to help to include and involve the entire district and community as well as to promote transparency. Communication has historically been a focus that continues to be in question and ongoing communication needs perpetually exist. How do you promote communication and how do you define appropriate and effective communication? I would promote communication by being available to the community to answer any of their questions.  Appropriate and effective communication starts with the chain of command.  I have always taken a call, responded to an email or stopped to talk to someone in person about any concern that they may have.  My first question I usually ask is if they have followed the chain of command.  Sometimes it is as easy as directing the individual to the proper person to have their questioned answered, or sometimes they have already reached out to everyone in the chain and are not getting the response they would like. I will always continue to listen to the person and reassure them that I will follow-up with the superintendent and the rest of the board with their concern.


  1. What knowledge and background do you bring that would help our district grow and move into the next generation of learning?  I am an APW alum and lifelong resident of the district and have served on the Board of Education for two terms (six years); I have sat on every committee throughout my two terms and have been board president for the past two and a half years.  I believe I am a great listener and have a lot of common sense.  I work well with a group, which is important when you sit on a board of education, there have been times when I have not been in agreement with the group but at the end of the day you have to support the majority and move on.  Education in today’s day and age is constantly changing, I will continue to advocate for all opportunities for students while being mindful of the economic impact on the district.      


  1. Why do you believe you are the best candidate for the position?  I will continue to work to advocate for our children in this community because they are the future of this community.  I may not always know the answers but I will always continue to educate myself and find those answers.  I take this position very seriously and have always invested the time into researching, listening and working with the superintendent and other members to do what is best for this district. 


  1. What is your philosophy on education? Schools are an educational institution where students come to learn.  We must continue to educate our children on all fronts, not only with the basic academics.  Living in a high poverty rural district we need to continue to provide food, clothing and health care for children that may not receive these things otherwise.  We can’t expect children to learn when they are hungry, cold and sick.  When we can help with these basic needs then we can begin to provide instruction to prepare these kids for the future and to be as successful as they can be.