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Alumni Feature: Sarah Pappa, Class of 2016

Sarah Pappa, Class of 2016. Social Worker.


Tell us a little about yourself and where you are now.


I grew up in Altmar, NY where I graduated high school. I then continued my education at Jefferson Community College where I studied Human Services. After completing my associate degree there, I came to Brockport to study social work with a specialization in the aging population. I finished my Bachelor's in Social Work with a minor in aging studies in May 2020 and am currently pursuing my Master's in Social Work with the Gerontology Certificate also through Brockport.


How did you choose your career?

I chose the field of social work, because growing up, I was always involved in community events and realized that I liked helping others. I have always been drawn to the social issues that we face in our society, and I want to be part of helping people through the parts in their lives when they need it most.


What was your most memorable high school experience?

I wouldn't say that there is any one most memorable experience I had in high school, rather a series of experiences from being on sports teams! Being on the soccer team and both indoor and outdoor track teams was so much fun for me, and I will always cherish those times spent with coaches and teammates.


What APW class/teacher had the biggest impact on you? How so?
The APW teacher that had the biggest impact on me was Coach Kling. She always pushed me to be and do my best, but also to have a blast doing it! She went above and beyond to provide me with support and encouragement throughout my time at APW, and I am so grateful for that.


How did APW help with your future?

APW schools helped prepare me for the future by providing experiences for me to grow and learn. An experience APW provided me with that I will always be thankful for is the opportunity to attend the New Vision program in my senior year, which helped me choose social work as my career.


What is your advice for the next generation?

Advice I have for younger generations is: Be kind to yourself. It can be so hard in the world we are currently living in to be bombarded with negativity from what may feel like every direction, but be kind to yourself and find positivity in each day.