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Alumni Feature: Devin Tanner

Devin Tanner

Class of 2020

Tell us a little about yourself and where your education took you?

I attended the southeast lineman training school in Trenton, GA and successfully completed a 15-week program.

How did you choose your career?

I chose to go in this field because I've always liked working outside and with my hands. This is a job there will always be a need for, so it is a good field to go in to.

What was your most memorable high school experience?

When our football team was able to go to the dome and play. 

What APW class/teacher had the biggest impact on you? How so?

Mr. Bzdick had the biggest impact on me, because he was always pushing me to do the best I could and reminding me I am capable of achieving good grades. I felt as a football coach and weightlifting coach, he truly cared about how I did overall. 

How did APW schools prepare you for the future?

APW taught me even if I didn't think I could do something, with hard work and dedication, you can accomplish anything.

What is your advice for the next generation?

Don't let anyone tell you what you should be. Do what you want and work hard at it. Don't stop working even when you reach your goal; set a new goal and keep working to accomplish things!