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APW Proud To Offer New Electives


Students at Altmar-Parish-Williamstown High School now have two additional elective course options.

Web Design and Business Ownership, both taught by high school teacher Amy DeJohn, are designed to impart students with valuable skills that will be applicable beyond their time at APW High School. 

In Web Design, students work with coding languages such as HTML, a widely-used form of coding that is most often utilized in website creation. Business Ownership focuses on the managerial aspects of a business and helps teach students how to potentially own and operate a business. 

“I really enjoy engaging with the students. I worked in management for 18 years, so being able to apply my knowledge into the coursework is very enjoyable for me,” DeJohn said of her excitement in teaching these classes. “Finding ways to teach my students useful skills through the use of fun activities is also very rewarding.”Students in APW's new Web Design course posing with their Christmas tree that they created using the HTML coding language.