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APW Board Member Wins Award

APW Board of Education member Shawn Clark was recently honored at the CiTi BOCES annual meeting with the Oswego County Board Member of the Year award. Clark, who has served on the APW School Board since 2018, said the award means a lot to him.

“There are so many excellent board members at both APW and throughout the county that are equally deserving of this award, so receiving it is very humbling,” said Clark. “I am extremely honored to be recognized for the work that is put in every day to help the children of our district be prepared for their individual chosen path.”

“The best part about being on the APW Board of Education is having the ability to help create an environment in which each child has the opportunity to thrive,” Clark said. “The essential role of the board is to create policy. These policies have a direct effect on how kids learn and grow and I take this role very seriously.”