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Conservation Club Secures Grant

APW Conservation Club Secures Grant

Thanks to the generosity of Hershey and Youth Service America, and the creativity of students in APW’s Conservation Club, shelter animals at the Oswego County Humane Society will soon be provided with new enrichment toys.

The grant, worth $250, is called the Hershey Heartwarming Young Heroes grant, and is part of Hershey and Youth Service America’s Global Youth Service Day. The grant has different focal areas, with APW’s Conservation Club focusing on community connections and how animals can help people both mentally and physically.

“We are making three kinds of enrichment toys for cats and dogs,” said Jessica Halsey, the advisor for APW Jr/Sr High School's Conservation Club. “The goal of these toys is to hide treats that the cats and dogs will then have to figure out how to find. These toys can also help animals become more sociable, so, in the long run, more adoptable.”