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Students Recognized for Junior High Students of the Month

APW Students Recognized as Students of the Month

APW JSHS is pleased to announce its Junior High Students of the Month, recognizing four students who have excelled both academically and personally in the month of September.

This month, the school recognizes Jaedon Benjamin and Mattalyn Dickinson from seventh grade. These two outstanding students are being honored for their volunteerism and exceptional character. From the eighth grade, the school is honoring Emmilyn LaBreck and Eben Alley for their devotion to the school community, notable positivity and caring attitudes. All of these students were honored with certificates and a special treat.

Each month of the 2022-2023 school year, additional students will be given this award.

Jaedon Benjamin

Jaedon has adapted well to starting a new school and new district.  Jaedon always has his work completed on time, makes corrections when necessary, and is an active participant in class. Jaedon is polite and willing to go above and beyond. Jaedon loves to volunteer and help out in class. He is always participating and excelling on his assignments. We are so happy to have you here at APW! Keep up the great work Jaedon! - Team 7

Mattalyn Dickinson

Mattalyn has been awesome in class.  She participates actively, is always pleasant and cooperative and volunteers to do more than what is expected. Mattalyn is always prepared, kind and respectful. In a short time she has stood out to be a student I can count on and is an excellent role model for her peers. Her daily participation and attitude is what is wished for by all students.  Welcome to 7th grade, keep up the great work! - Team 7

Eben Alley

Eben is studious, attentive, fastidious, and gee golly darn respectful! An upstanding citizen of the APW student body worthy of some positive attention. Eben is always willing to help others in the classroom and helps to make sure our room stays clean and picked up at the end of the period. He also works hard and cares about his learning. Keep up the great work Eben! - Team 8

Emmilyn LaBreck

Emmilyn is a pleasure to have in class. She is responsible and advocates for herself. Emmilyn is always on task and is doing what is expected of her. She is respectful of teachers and peers alike.  Emmilyn always puts a smile on her teacher’s face, no matter how her day has been going. Not only is Emmilyn focused and determined on her work wanting to fully comprehend the assignment, but she shows genuine concern and consideration for her peers and teachers. It is so refreshing to have a student who cares about all the people in the classroom AND her work simultaneously. Keep doing great Emmilyn! - Team 8