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APW Tradition of Holiday Giving Helps Over 100 Local Families

APW Tradition of Holiday Giving Helps Over 100 Local Families

APW Elementary School continued its Holiday Giving program this season, maintaining a school tradition of assisting local families with Christmas gifts.

The program, which partners with a number of community organizations, helps families keep gifts under the tree each December. It is open to all APW students and their families, who can register for the program each holiday season.

This year, countless items were donated by groups like Toys for Tots and members of the APW faculty and staff. The Parish Library Knitting Club was responsible for donating dozens of hats, gloves and baby blankets, which were distributed both through the giving program and at the school’s annual Holiday Tree Family Night. Many gifts are also wrapped, a labor of love from some of the program’s many participants. Gifts are most often picked up at the school, though staff is happy to deliver items to families with transportation difficulties.

This year, the program helped to assist over 100 families within the APW community.

The Holiday Giving program is organized by APW Elementary’s school counselor, Crystal Reynolds, as well as social workers Brittany House and Rebekka Croft. The three have helped to lead the program for over five years.

“We love being able to help our students and our community,” they said. All of them enthusiastically look forward to continuing the program next year.