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Innovative Composer Connects Virtually with APW Elementary Band Students

Thanks to modern technology, Altmar-Parish-Williamstown Elementary band students had the opportunity to perform a piece of music in the presence of its composer, Scratch Eden.


Eden is a self-proclaimed “theater nerd” from Western Tennessee who is a singer, songwriter, pianist, percussionist and composer of a diverse range of music for concert bands and musicals.  


APW Elementary band teacher Michele Madden first discovered Eden through a band directors Facebook page, which led to the school acquiring one of his free musical arrangements titled “Frost Giants”.


After months of practice the students attended a virtual meeting with the composer via Zoom, allowing the opportunity for Eden to provide valuable feedback on their performance of his composition.


“Playing music virtually is challenging,” noted Madden, “yet Eden was able to notice the band's attention to detail, good sound quality and balance of the ensemble.”


Following the performance, Eden shared insights into the inspiration behind “Frost Giants” and explained his creative process while composing new music. He concluded the session by opening the floor to questions and by generously offering additional information to those intrigued by the art of composing.


This unique interaction between Scratch Eden and APW Elementary band students demonstrates the power of virtual connections in fostering musical education and creativity. The school looks forward to future collaborations to inspire the next generation of composers under Scratch Eden's guidance.