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Whiskey the Search and Rescue Dog Visits APW PreK Students

Altmar-Parish-Williamstown students in Mrs. Ruffos’ PreK class were ecstatic when Whiskey the Certified Trailing Bloodhound stopped by, accompanied by Investigator Dylan Holden and Deputy Emilie Mullin of the Oswego County Sheriff’s Office.


Investigator Holden and Whiskey are volunteer members of the Oswego County Search and Rescue Team, using Whiskey’s remarkable skills to search for missing people. The duo offers their services to multiple agencies such as fire departments, sheriff’s office’s, state police, forest rangers and city police departments.


Investigator Holden explained to the class why bloodhounds are such great search and rescue dogs. “The excess skin on their forehead covers their eyes when they put their head down and allows for their sense of smell to take over,” he said. “They also have extremely large ears which help guide the smells to their noses.”


Whiskey sprung into action during a search and rescue demonstration where an older student hid on school grounds. The PreK class erupted into applause when the friendly bloodhound successfully tracked the student down using only the scent of her used t-shirt.


 “Whiskey’s capabilities are amazing,” said Deputy Mullin. “He is great at his job and loves to work, especially when kids are involved.”


If you would like to learn more about the Oswego County Search and Rescue Team along with Whiskey’s invaluable services, visit