APW District Wide School Safety Plan

  • The APW Board of Education is committed to ensuring the safety of its students and staff. Emergencies and violent incidents in school districts are critical issues that must be addressed in an expeditious and effective manner. In December of 1999, the District acted to develop a district-wide school safety plan. Amended in 2000 and Revised in Accordance with Project SAVE Legislation in 2001 - the District conducts annual reviews of Building Level and District Wide school safety plans.

    In response to changes/updates that went into effect July 1, 2016 we have published a District-Wide Plan (Public Document) which is available for download. Individual Building-Level Emergency Response Plans are confidential documents and not subject to foil.

    A significant revision to Section 15.17 of the Commissioner's Regulations is the required designation of a Chief Emergency Officer (CEO) - with the revision to and adoption of Board Policy #5681 "School Safety Plans" the Board of Education has designated the Superintendnet of Schools as the District-Wide CEO.

    Links to Board Policy and relevant resources are provided. Questions may be directed to the District Office @ 315-625-5251 or via email @ apwcsd@gmail.com

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Safe School Resources and Plans

APW School Safety Officers

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