buses at the bus garage
  • The APW Central School District transports approximately 1,400 students daily and travels nearly 650,000 miles per year involving about 20,000 trips. The school district meets strict federal and state regulations covering the training and hiring of school bus drivers as well as Department of Transportation regulations for the safe condition of the school buses.

    Responsibility for the students while they are waiting for the school bus rests with the parents/guardians. Be at your bus stop on time, drivers will stop at all required stops.  If students are not visible when the doors to the bus are opened, then the driver will continue on with their route.  When the student boards the bus, the district is responsible until they leave the bus at the end of the day.

    If there is an incident of seriously bad behavior, the bus driver will record the problem on a student discipline report and give it to the building principal, grades K-4 and the transportation supervisor, grade 5-12 for follow up. It may be necessary at this point to deny the child the privilege of riding the bus. Parents will then be responsible for transporting the child to and from school. Once transportation privileges have been denied, the student cannot ride any district buses until the suspension has been lifted.

    The safe transportation of our students depends on the cooperation of all involved -- students, drivers, parents, and administrators. By understanding and abiding by the bus rules, we feel that we can provide our student population with the safe transportation they deserve.

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