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  • The APW Central School District vision is one in which technology supports its mission in harmony with our district beliefs about teaching and learning and our learning standards. Our focus is on learning first, and technology is provided so that teachers, staff, students, and community are more able to engage in that endeavor wherever they are, whenever they wish.

    Technology within our schools is a means toward an end. It is the means whereby the people in our schools and community, reflecting diverse interests and varied points of view, can and will work together to improve student achievement and prepare our students for future careers and educational opportunities.

    To provide these means, we are committed to creating an environment that connects all classrooms at every grade level and our homes, that allows for a free flow of information within, to, and from our schools, and provides the guidance of dedicated staff working with students and parents to achieve our shared mission.

    Our vision of this environment is one that involves the whole community. It links, via the World Wide Web, the work of the teacher and his or her students to every home capable of receiving digitally produced materials. We believe all families should have an opportunity to directly connect with our classrooms, and support the learning that takes place. Our major objective is to create a supportive connection from the community to every classroom, library, and staff member involved in our schools. We will accomplish this goal with connectivity supported by our Technical staff, with Cooperative Services, with staff development, and with ongoing research and development activities meant to create equal access to technology in school and at home.

    We envision an ongoing and live document, developed, maintained, assessed, and charged with supporting all children regardless of the diversity of race, creed, wealth, or location.

    It is the mission of the APW Central School District to improve student achievement through a process, which provides an opportunity for the involvement of all stakeholders.

Instructional Technology Services Support


  • TBD
    Network Administrator
    p: (315) 625-5231
    f: (315) 625-5246

    Rob Freund
    LAN Technician
    p: (315) 625-3238

    Lee Teachout
    AV Aide
    p: (315) 625-5220 x3206

    Nancy Kather
    Itinerant Computer Education Specialist
    p: (315) 625-5220 x3246

Instructional Technology Goals