Data Privacy and Security

  • Ed Law 2-D Information

  • Ed Law 2-D
    Ed Law 2-D focuses on the unauthorized release of personally identifiable information (PII).

    Regulation Part 121 (Amendment)
    This amendment provides guidance to educational agencies and their third-party contractors on ways to strengthen data privacy and security to protect student data and annual professional performance review data.

    Ed Law 2-D Definitions
    Helpful definitions pertaining to Ed Law 2-D.

  • Parent and Student Rights

  • FERPA Policy
    The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act safeguards student privacy by limiting who may access student records, specifying for what purpose they may access those records, and detailing what rules they must follow when accessing data.

    FERPA Annual Notice
    This document provides the current school year FERPA notification     

    Parents Bill of Rights
    This document provides information to parents and students about certain legal requirements that protect personally identifiable information.

    Unauthorized Disclosure Complaint Form
    Parents and eligible students have the right to report an improper disclosure of student information.

    Directory Information
    This document provides information regarding what types of information the district classifies as "Directory Information." 

    Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment (PPRA)
    This document provides information regarding the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment

  • APW Data Privacy Policy