Board Transportation Policy

  • Transportation is available for all students in our district. Transportation to a non-public school must be requested by April 1st for the following school year. Requests should be addressed to the District Clerk and should include the child’s name, address, age, grade level and the school to which busing is requested.

    Riding a School Bus is a Privilege, Not a Right!

    Riding a school bus is a privilege, not a right, that may be denied or suspended upon violation of these district transportation rules:

    • Cross 10 feet in front of the bus after the driver signals you to do so.
    • Wait for the bus 15 feet back from the edge of the road.
    • Enter and leave the bus in an orderly and safe manner.
    • Stay seated until the bus stops.
    • Keep arms, hands and head inside the bus.
    • Use of tobacco, drugs or alcohol is prohibited by law on school property and will be reported to authorities.
    • Books, bags, parcels or musical instruments must be held on the student’s lap.
    • Sports equipment such as baseball bats, golf clubs, balls of all kinds, skateboards, roller skates and blades, etc. are not allowed on the bus.
    •  No glass containers or dangerous objects are allowed.
    • Indecent or profane language will not be tolerated.
    • Unauthorized persons cannot ride our school buses.
    • Riders must follow the driver’s instruction at all times.




    Alternate Pick-up and Discharge Points

    Students should be picked up and discharged at the same location everyday. Request by parent/guardians for variations of this policy will be considered on an individual basis with a maximum of two (2) pick-up points and two (2) drop-off points. These locations must be established the first (1st) week in August and, unless family conditions change, should be permanent.

    Should it be necessary to change day care or other child supervision arrangements during the school year, parents/guardians should send written notification to the district’s transportation office and another copy to the child’s school office.

    There is still the “Emergency Drop-Off Point” indicated on the students’ registration form; this is the only location a student will be dropped off/delivered when a parent calls in with a true emergency. Should the designated drop-off point need to change (maximum of 3 times per year): there must be a written notice at least two weeks in advance sent to the transportation supervisor and the parent must validate the note with a telephone call to the transportation supervisor.

    The board of education is committed to providing safe transportation for its students, while also exhibiting reasonable flexibility in handling emergencies.




    Transportation of Students (To School-Sponsored Events)

    When the APW School District sponsors an activity, it is responsible for transporting students to and from away events. All students are to ride to the activity and are to ride back to the school.


    Exception to this policy:

    The parent(s) of the student is/are at the activity and they request permission from the coach to take their son/daughter home. No advance permission is required.