Alternate Pick Up & Discharge Information

  • Board Transportation Policy
    Transportation is available for all students in the APW school district, and the Board of Education is committed to providing safe transportation for its students, while also exhibiting reasonable flexibility in handling emergencies.  

    Alternate Pick-Up and Discharge Points
    Students should be picked up and discharged at the same location everyday.  Request by parent/guardians for variations of this policy will be considered on an individual basis with a maximum of two (2) pick-up points and two (2) drop-off points.  These locations must be established the first week in August and, unless family conditions change, should be permanent.  Contact the Transportation Office at 625-5241. 

    Should it be necessary to change day care or other child supervision arrangements during the school year, parents/guardians should send written notification to the district's transportation office and another copy to the child's school office. 

    There is still the "Emergency Drop-Off Point" indicated on the student's registration form; this is the only location a student will be dropped off/delivered when a parent calls in with a true emergency.  Should the designated drop-off point need to change (maximum of 3 times per year); there must be a written notice at least two weeks in advance sent to the transportation supervisor and the parent must validate the note with a telephone call to the transportation supervisor. 

  • NOTE:  Student Transportation Discharge Policy

    Pursuant to APW Central School District Board of Education Policy #5830, which states that students are to be discharged from the school bus at the same designated location daily, we are unable to honor notes or phone calls received at the main offices requesting a non-permanent change for any specific day.  In the event of a family emergency (emergency being a serious situation or occurrence that happens unexpectedly and demands immediate action) you will need to contact the student's specific school office:

    • APW Elementary UPK-Grades 2 (315) 625-5260
    • APW Elementary Grades 3-6 (315) 625-5270
    • APW Junior High School Grades 7-8 (315) 625-5200
    • APW Senior High School Grades 9-12 (315) 625-5222