• Altmar-Parish-Williamstown Central School District:

    Strategic Plan 2021-2026


    Because we believe in the potential of each student, we provide diverse opportunities and a competitive education for all learners.


    Every learner prepared for their individual chosen path.


    • Integrity must be the foundation for all we say and do.
    • All students and staff can attain their individualized achievement goals with support.
    • Our interactions with each other should demonstrate care and compassion.
    • As an organization and as individuals, continuous growth is essential for improvement.
    • Safety for all begins with inclusive practices and welcoming spaces that create a sense of belonging.

    Set high expectations for students and staff to ensure all students achieve personal excellence.

    • Set, communicate, and monitor goals for buildings, classrooms, students, and staff.
    • Provide opportunities for students and staff to reflect on personal goals and achievements.
    • Create curriculum committees based on content areas to vertically align curriculum pre-K through 12.
    • Utilize "I can" statements in all learning settings.

    Achieve inclusion for all through continuous progress on equity.

    • Establish a system for students to provide suggestions and feedback to administration.
    • Examine policies and practices to ensure they promote inclusion and belonging.
    • Promote career path awareness at both Elementary and JSHS.

    Engage staff, parents and communities to support students success.

    • Develop a comprehensive plan for parent invovlvement and communication to promote positive relationships.
    • Ensure district-wide implementation of Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS).
    • Provide personalized professional development.

    Build safe, positive, healthy climates for learning and working to nurture student and staff well-being.

    • Embed Social--Emotional Learning Benchmarks into the pre-K through 12 curriculum.
    • Empower staff to actively implement Second Step, Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS), Positivity Project.
    • Assess and monitor school climate.
Core Values, Vision, and Mission

POSTER - APW Strategic Plan (Text included on this page)