• Senior Year Timeline for College:


    • Sign up for the SAT/ACT again.
    • Double-check that your courses meet graduation requirements.
    • Ask your teachers/coaches for letters of recommendation.
    • If you couldn't get to your college picks over the summer, make plans to visit during your next long weekend or break.


    • Complete your FAFSA! Financial aid can be submitted starting October 1st. Visit StartHereGetThere.org and click the "Complete the FAFSA" hot button.
    • Attend financial aid workshops to help with the FAFSA process. 
    • Check out any college nights or conferences you've heard about.
    • Psst! If you forgot to register for the SAT or the ACT, do it now!
    • Start filling out your applications.
    • Get to writing! Attempt a first draft of your application essay and resume.


    • Find out what you can about early admission dates.
    • Attend financial aid meetings and seminars with your 'rents.
    • Meet again with your counselor
    • Finish up your applications and schedule visits/interviews to your selected colleges.
    • Oh yeah -- did we mention the SAT? Take it (again)


    • Okay procrastinators: Holiday break gives you lots of time to finish your essay and resume, not to mention those applications.


    • Apply for scholarships, do not miss out on free money!
    • Are all your college applications submitted? Are any other due dates approaching?
    • Search school bulletin boards and the Internet for specific scholarship and financial aid info.
    • Make your mid-year grades available to colleges.
    • Check your mail for decisions on those early admission applications.


    • Send your mid-year high school grade report to colleges. Your guidance department can help.
    • Check out financial aid available from church groups, labor unions, and other organizations.
    • It's due! This month is the deadline for many colleges' admission applications.


    • Time to hunt for a summer job.
    • Financial aid deadlines are approaching -- don't miss 'em!
    • Been accepted to a few colleges? Arrange to visit them.
    • Selected a college? Mail in the housing deposit.


    • Colleges should be letting you know the deal soon. Try not to stress!
    • If you haven't done so yet, it's time to make an enrollment decision (May 1st is the cut off), accept the financial aid offered, and send in housing and tuition deposits!
    • When you get your financial aid package, review it with your counselor until you completely understand it. If you need something clarified don't hesitate to contact the college's financial aid office.
    • SUNY Request for Information


    • If you get an aid package from one of your "No" schools, let them know so another lucky student can reap the award.
    • Send thank-you notes to those who have helped you out along the way.


    • Let your high school guidance office know of any other scholarships you land.
    • If you have to borrow some bucks from the Federal Family Education Loan Programs, fill out the applications.
    • Remember that summer job? Put some money away -- you'll need it for education funding and books!
    • All of your college preparation has paid off. Get ready for your first year of college!