Farnham Family Services: Mental Health and Wellness

Student Assistant Counselors

  • Hello APW Jr./Sr. High Friends!

    Kourtney Willette and Hope Rayder would like to take a minute to introduce ourselves and our role here at the school with all of you.

    We are Student Assistance Counselors through Farnham Family Services. Kourtney is here every Tuesday and Hope is here every Friday. We are working with both in-person (when this reopens) and remote learners this year. Our role at the school is to provide extra support for any student who needs it. Some of you may have heard of Farnham Family Services but we do so much more than talk to student about substances! We work with students who may be facing any number of challenges. Some examples of reasons we work with students are: mental health, school failure, substance use (including nicotine/tobacco), family conflict, friendship challenges, relationship challenges and much more.

    If you or someone you know is struggling this school year, support is out there, and Kourtney and Hope are more than happy to be a resource.

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