Community Service

  • It is required for students to complete at least 18 hours of community service before graduation at APW. Completing community service hours does not only allow you to meet the graduation requirement, but also makes you eligible for a wide variety of college scholarships when your senior year comes to a close. Check in with your school counselor regarding opportunities to fulfill this requirement.

    You can submit your volunteer hours electronically using the Volunteer Hours Form and your school counselor will be able to see all of your volunteer hours.

  • Current Community Service Opportunities:

    • The Parish Dining and Activity Center (814 Rider Street, Parish, NY) is looking for assistance in supporting elderly visitors in meals, activities, and technology support. There may also be opportunities for students to showcase artistic and musical talents or simply play games with seniors. Please contact Sarah Babcock (Support Services Specialist) at (315) 598-4712 (ext. 1807) or at
    • Booster Club is looking for workers at the indoor concession stand (Winter and Spring)
    • The Town of Parish is looking for volunteers to help clean up the cemeteries before Memorial Day.  Please call (315) 952-2097.
    • Mr. Poore will also welcome students for help
    • United Friends of Homeless Animal’s Thrift Store - Contact email They are located at 4859 North Jefferson Street, Pulaski across from Community Bank

    Please continue to check your emails for updated opportunities.